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How much do you know about your visitors or customers? Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they do during their visit and how much do they spend? And how can you encourage them to spend more and to come again?

We will design bespoke research to help you understand your customers and inform your marketing communications. We know how to engage with your visitors and customers and have an array of methods to suit any budget.

And we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to make research even more effective - that’s why we’re providing our interviewers with iPads. They’re great for face to face interviews; respondents can see video and audio tracks, record responses, and our interviewers can relay the data back for analysis almost instantaneously.

They’re fast, efficient and let you react to findings right away. We’ve got case studies to prove it from a broad range of clients including supermarkets, sports venues and key visitor attractions across the UK.

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“In 2011 we commissioned a face-to-face survey of visitors to the Glamorgan Heritage Coast so we could profile visitors and also measure their usage and perceptions of the destination. It was fairly tricky due to relatively low flows of visitors at some locations and respondents needed to be able to answer in English or Welsh. The timescales on the project were really tight; we had to get it all up and running very quickly. Thanks to explore research everything ran smoothly and they were really accommodating when we had to make last-minute changes. The report was delivered ahead of deadline and was extremely thorough.”

Nicola Sumner-Smith, Senior Rural Regeneration Officer, Vale of Glamorgan Council

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