Cox & Kings

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Brochure research

Cox & Kings contacted us when they wanted to do some research on their brochures. They wanted to explore whether the brochures still meet the demands of today's holidaymakers and to test out some new ideas for the future!

We proposed conducting focus groups with C&K customers, enquirers (who had ordered a brochure but not booked) and potential customers.

Our specialist telephone unit recruited the customers and enquirers using contact lists supplied by C&K. The potential customers were recruited on-street to tight criteria: over 55s in AB social groups who enjoy active holidays abroad.

The six lively focus groups were held in hotels in Middlesex and Surrey using a discussion guide designed by explore. The report was delivered to the client within a week of the focus groups. The results - some quite surprising - were enlightening and will really help C&K shape their future brochures.


“We asked explore to conduct some focus groups to look at our brochures for us. Although we've always had good feedback from our customers, we wanted to find out what our enquirers and potential customers think too. We also had some new ideas to test out. explore recruited the groups using a combination of methods and kept me informed regularly how it was going. I attended one of the groups myself and found it really enlightening. The report was delivered on time and was exactly what we needed, drawing firm conclusions and recommendations for the best way forward. I would certainly use explore again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Philip Hamilton-Grierson, Marketing Director, Cox & Kings