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Destination choice mobile research

Jet2holidays engaged the services of our mobile omnibus service, OmNow, to tackle some key issues that needed fast answers.

The seven question survey comprised a selection of pre-coded questions (both single-choice and multi-choice) and open questions which were used to understand more about destination selection and how far in advance consumers tend to book their holidays. Throughout the survey, the flow and delivery of questions was relevant to all respondents at all times. Those who had been abroad in the last two years, or who were considering a holiday this year were routed through a different series of questions to the 'non-consumers'.

It's a versatile method — mobile surveys offer a variety of routing and response options, making the survey framework and mechanics very similar to those of online surveys.


“I've never had tables land in my inbox the following day from starting a research project, but their mobile omnibus service delivered exactly this”

Mandy Round, General Manager, Jet2holidays