JMP & Camden Council

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Camden Council's car club scheme

explore was commissioned, together with the transport consultancy JMP, to evaluate Camden Council's car club scheme.

A primary aim of the study was to assess the role that car clubs play in the Council's overarching objective to reduce transport-related emissions. The research also explored whether the Council's policy of increasing the number of Car Club bays has increased membership levels, reduced car ownership, or reduced car use.

A strategic and operational review of the operation of the clubs was undertaken, together with an environmental appraisal. explore research's role was to design, implement and report on surveys of car club members and non-members.

The surveys were conducted on-line with the co-operation of the car club operators and of various community groups in the borough. These surveys provided the Council with valuable and impartial findings on topics including:

  • Reasons and motivations for joining a car club;
  • How often members use club cars and what sort of journeys they use the vehicles for;
  • The impact that club membership has on other sustainable modes of transport;
  • Impact of the club of car ownership levels.

“explore provided really good input into the proposal and definitely strengthened our offer, contributing to our success. Due to issues beyond our control, the project had to change from what was initially proposed and explore were willing to change ideas, methods and timescales, often at short notice. The survey results contributed to the overall project report and provided new and surprising insight which complemented other findings. I really enjoyed working with explore and hope we can work together again in the future.”

Annette Smith, Associate Director, JMP Consultants Ltd