Street Interviewing

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Mention market research and most people think of street interviewing, probably because it's one of the most visible forms of research.

But at explore research, we will target our research to meet your customers, whether that be on buses, trains or in respondents' homes, hotels, motorway services or airports.

Surveys conducted in street or in other open places are appropriate for targeting specific customer or demographic groups within defined geographic areas, and are suitable for short and simple questionnaires of between 5 and 10 minutes in length.

For longer questionnaires, or when a wider sampling frame is needed, we can also conduct interviews in respondents' homes.

Explore research has access to an in-house face-to-face fieldwork team, with over 600 Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) trained interviewers, all trained to MRS (Market Research Society) standards and based across the UK.

In addition to traditional paper and pen interviewing, our team now uses Apple iPads, meaning data can be uploaded, monitored and analysed almost instantly!

F2F research projects are managed by our dedicated operations team which is headed by Alison Pringle. We engage in strict back-checking and data input quality checking processes to ensure the accuracy of your data.

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