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Telephone interviews are a cost-effective way of reaching respondents across a wide geographic area. We can either use your own customer lists or source sample ourselves. We can also source segmented sample to make sure we reach your target customers.

Telephone interviews are ideal for short questionnaires where no visual stimulus is needed, but they are also suitable for longer, in-depth interviews with either business respondents, stakeholders or consumers.

At explore research, we have our own in-house telephone unit of 50 seats managed by our dedicated operations team. This includes access to a pool of 100 experienced CATI interviewers and the capacity to undertake up to 300 hours business-to-business interviewing and 600 hours consumer interviewing per week. All of our interviewers are trained to MRS standards and we have the flexibility and experience to undertake both large and small scale qualitative and quantitative telephone research projects.

Our Operations team ensure all telephone interviews conducted at explore research meet stringent quality standards. Interviewers are monitored throughout their shifts and we conduct random remote monitoring and recording to ensure that any issues are dealt with immediately and feedback/action points can be provided to interviewers.

CATI research projects are managed by our dedicated Operations team which is headed by Alison Pringle. We engage in strict back-checking and data input quality checking processes to ensure the accuracy of your data.

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